Skilled labour for construction and industry

The way we work

At LF Services, we always follow a fixed procedure when you need to hire temporary employees. This means that the process of hiring becomes as easy as possible for you. We take care of all the administrative tasks associated with the appointment of your temporary employees, saving you both the time and resources.

Managing the social clauses

Requirements to live up to various social objectives or principles is by now well known in tendering procedures as social clauses. We can provide a “plug and play” solution handling all aspects of CSR elements in your project and ensures a reliable and documentable process in meeting requirements.

Part of a European network

LF Services is part of the leading European CSR networks – CSR Europe. Through our partnership with CSR Europe, represented in Denmark by Green Network, we have achieved a Corporate Social Responsibility certification. The process was completed in December 2016 which meant that LF Service became the first Danish CSR-certified employment agency.